Why Edit My English or ESL Resume?

This is a service for professionals – skilled people with resumes listing what they want to convey, but which would benefit immensely from spell-checking, syntax, spacing, grammar, and punctuation assistance. We don’t want to change the basic high-tech / in depth details about your skills and recent work. Some of our editors are scientists, able to give you personal attention re editing or even re-writing technical resumes.

We simply want to help you avoid as many red and green Microsoft editing marks as possible. We are here to help you avoid making some of the most common resume writing mistakes.

Perhaps English is a second language and you may like a little ESL ‘translation’.

How do we do this?

Our services are performed manually by highly educated human editors (M. Sc. and Ph. D. level), with no automated scanners or checkers taking part – actual people, with careful eyes, trained to look for and correct even the smallest of errors.

What do we do? We:

• Send you back an edited but not rewritten resume
• Send you back your resume, as you wrote it, in your style, but using proper North American English
• Edit for:

• Correct any obvious formatting errors including any excessive white space
• Correct dates if out of order
• Review your objective in case it requires a touch-up
• Provide comments on anything you have to fix yourself such as overlapping dates

Turnaround Time – 5 working days after receipt of resume.


Member: Professional Association of Resume Writers